Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Investment in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is providing the leading regional and international investment environment. The UAE ranked 26th in the Ease of Doing Business Index, according to the Doing Business report in 2017.

The investment environment in the UAE has many advantages, including:

Strategic location
The UAE is located in an important location between the West and East, allowing investors and businessmen access to world markets and major business centers in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and the Pacific.

Political stability
Although there are large numbers of tourists, expatriates and foreigners residing in the UAE, they are a model of security and political stability. Tolerance and acceptance of the other are moderate qualities of the UAE people and part of their culture.
The UAE has 199 foreign diplomatic representatives, of whom 73 are consulates and 110 embassies. It has diplomatic representation abroad in 102 countries, including 18 consulates 80 embassies and 4 permanent missions, and is a member of the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the United Nations

Social stability
The UAE community includes more than 200 nationalities of different cultural and religious backgrounds, living together in peace, and being a suitable environment for work. The UAE is working to provide all the comfortable living conditions for all its residents. The crime rate in the UAE is very low. It is one of the lowest countries in the rate of alarming crimes in 2015. It ranked ninth in the list of countries with the lowest rate of crime and fourth place in the crimes of aggression, and these rankings are the best among the developed countries in the world.

Ease of doing business
The UAE ranked 11th globally and topped the Ease of Doing Business Index for 2019 according to the Doing Business report issued by the World Bank. The following are the factors in which the UAE achieved advanced positions in the ease of doing business index
• The first arrangement in the ease of connecting electricity
• World's second highest tax payment
• World ranking fifth in the issuance of building permits
• 7th worldwide ranking in property registration
• Ninth ranking in contract enforcement
• Fifteenth ranking in the protection of minority investors

Protection of intellectual property
The UAE has adopted laws that prohibit piracy and protect intellectual property rights and trademarks

Positive labor laws and regulations
 The UAE has enacted laws, legislations and regulations to encourage competition and prevent monopoly, as well as anti-trafficking laws, as well as customs laws to prevent the passage of goods that harm the economy.

Advanced infrastructure
Thanks to the huge capital pumped by the UAE to develop the infrastructure on its territory, it has the most advanced infrastructure in the world. Currently, many projects are underway in the country in general and in Dubai in particular, ready for Axio 2020. The state has allocated 230 billion dirhams to improve (Fujairah), Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah. In March 2015, Dubai announced the launch of the world's largest commercial city, At a cost of AED 30 billion, With an area of ​​550 million square feet. The city is associated with Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Port. The city is fully linked to four continents. The project aims at the UAE's acquisition of $ 4.3 trillion in the global economy.

Multiple business facilities
In the UAE there are many options for establishing investment facilities. You can start your business in different parts of the country, including:
  1. • Industrial zones
  2. • Commercial towers
  3. • Equipped and luxurious business centers
  4. • 34 free zones with different activities
  5. • Shopping centers
The UAE seeks to encourage private sector growth and has free policies in terms of currency exchange controls, labor permits, access licensing, import and export controls, and strong ties with trade associations and associations to support it as a free and open economy.

There are other advantages that encourage investment in the United Arab Emirates, including:
  1. • 5% customs duty, the lowest in the region
  2. • Low labor costs
  3. • The strength of the state banking system
  4. • Government support for the banking sector
  5. • High levels of liquidity
  6. • Competitive energy prices
  7. • Ease of establishing work

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