Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Real Estate Terminology

There are some terms used in the field of real estate by the pioneers of this field, we will show you in detail in the next few lines.

Real Estate Investment .
Is the investment of money in real estate for the purpose of obtaining a profit, and this profit on a monthly basis fixed such as rent or be by buying the property and then sell it at the same time or after the extension of a higher price, whether the overall shape of the property or not.

Real Estate Appraisal.
Is the determination of the price of the property whether it is for the purpose of knowing the value of the property or for the purpose of sale or purchase or for other purposes. The valuation is done according to specific factors (the state of the property - the location - the area in which the property is located - the prices customary in that area - and other factors) The evaluation process will be specialized in real estate (real estate expert).

The mortgage is to prove what it owns (house, building, apartment, etc.) to obtain money. This property remains subject to the loan provider whether it is individuals, banks or companies. The customer must pay the amount of financing within a specified period and if he can not The property becomes the property of the donor, and the mortgage does not cancel its conditions in cases of death, and this system is legitimate and legal.

real estate development.
A person or a group of persons or a specialized company will buy, renew, sell or lease old properties and also purchase, build on, convert to or lease a real estate. The person who does so is called the real estate developer and has the ability to transform the desert land into a global city Integrated Services.

Real Estate Barter.
The real estate swap is the exchange of real estate with another property, taking into account the differences in prices in order to stimulate and move the real estate market. The real estate swap is carried out by evaluating the two properties exchanged by a specialist real estate expert , A process characterized by ease of procedures and combine the transactions of sale and purchase at the same time and pay the price difference of the highest property in the price.

Property Management.
Is the person to do all the necessary work in regard to interest in the property and perform tasks such as maintenance and collection of rents and deal with government agencies and offer the property for rent or for sale, and this is through the agreement between the owner of the property and this person and often this person is a real estate broker or real estate office.

Sale on term.
Is to be agreed between the seller and the buyer on the sale of a property on payment to be made the agreed amount after an agreed period between them in the contracts concluded.

Is a person acting as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and reconciling them whether he is authorized by the seller to find a buyer or commissioner by the buyer to search for him for a property he buys, and in return receives a commission from the buyer or seller or both.

Real Estate Expert.
He is a person with full experience and knowledge in the real estate field and is resorted to for advice and real estate consultancy.

Real Estate Broker.
The difference between a broker and a broker is that the broker does not hold a legal license
The broker's job is to market the property to the owner in exchange for a percentage of the pledge or a pre-agreed amount of money.

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